Beware of counterfeit products trading off as Tarvol branded products. These counterfeits are being unlawfully imitated and sold at inferior quality that can be dangerous and even harmful from an unauthorized seller on Amazon.

We have been made aware that counterfeit products are being sold on Amazon using the word Tarvol brand.  If you suspect any Tarvol products you purchased to be counterfeit, we request you to immediately notify us at Please provide the order ID # of your purchase and the vendor you purchased it from, So we may investigate the matter and address it accordingly.

While we address this with Amazon we wanted to alert the public that the following sellers are known to be selling potentially danger counterfeit products.

Product: Tarvol Crystal Clear Thermal Laminating Pouches – Pack of 200 Sheets (9″ x 11.5”)

Sold on,
Tarvol UPC: 725407230989

Authorized Sellers:
Prime Time Commerce
Optimum Trading Company

Actual Product Image

Counterfeit Seller(s):
975 Supply – Test buy verified – counterfeit

  • Findings:
    • Packaging incorrect (see image below)
    • UPC: 643217990117
    • Product # 975-3MIL-LET